Why is it so hard to lose weight?

why is it so hard to lose weightHave you made weight loss goals before?

Maybe you planned to lose a certain amount of weight By Christmas? By the Wedding? By Graduation?

How long did the weight stay off after the big event?

Yep. As we know diets can work. If we make firm goals,  eat less and exercise more. However, for many of us they generally only work in the short term.

Eventually, you see we start to rebel. No one wants to be told what and when to eat. After being on diets we tend to overeat and even binge eat.

What happens next? - well then many of us feel guilty about overeating. Perhaps we try to diet again or restrict what we eat. Then we get really hungry. We overeat. The guilt comes back. And so it goes…..

Why is it so hard to lose weight?

For many people it really isn’t just as simple as eat less and exercise more. There is so much more involved with it. There are our genes, our stress levels, our sleep patterns and eating patterns.

For instance:

  • Did you know if you continually get less than 6 hours of sleep/night it may impact on your weight stability?
  • Did you know with increased stress our cortisol (a hormone) levels are raised? High cortisol levels can be associated with abdominal fat and difficulties with weight stability?
  • Did you know restricting what you eat can cause irregularities in your ghrelin levels? (Ghrelin is an appetite hormone which causes cravings for food and could make you want to eat the house down)

So, what is the answer for *successful* weight loss?

The real answer is we need to eat mindfully, think health and NOT weight loss. Our body weight simply does not matter. It is not a reflection of our self-worth or our health. It’s just weight. A number.

Last week we discussed how to stop overeating and the same strategies apply here:

  1. Listen to your body – especially your stresses, your sleep patterns and your hunger
  2. Evaluate your eating style – look at why you might overeat and NOT what you eat
  3. Think long term – think about what you can achieve each and every day – NOT for one month

Need help with making long term changes?

Have you been struggling with your eating for a long time and would like help to make changes for good? Please get in touch.

We can connect you with an Accredited/Registered Dietitian in your area who can help.


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