What to Eat to Feel Energised

what to eat to feel energisedAre you always low in energy?  Have you dieted for so long you have forgotten the basics of eating healthy?

Chances are if you have been on and off diets over the years you may not be getting the key nutrients you need. Whilst caloric restriction and watching portion sizes can be useful for some people. For others it just doesn’t work.  If you have been cutting food groups out to lose weight you might be on your way to nutritional deficiencies.

As for your energy levels.  In my experience, dietary causes of low energy are most commonly due to lack of carbohydrate and/or lack of iron and protein containing foods.

Importantly though,  low levels of physical activity plus the role of both stress and lack of sleep in our lives are also often involved.  Many people who find it hard to maintain a body weight they are happy with get less than 6 hours of sleep/night OR have chronic stress (stress causes a rise in cortisol). So if that sounds like you – maybe don’t focus on food – sort the other stuff out :)

What to eat to feel energised

If you truly want some spring in your step, then my first suggestion might be to forget about dieting (sorry. I know you probably didn’t want to hear that).

Instead focus on good health and foods that nourish you. I’d suggest focusing on each of the core food groups and aiming for variety as much as you can. That way you will maximise your nutrient intake and tah-dah your energy levels.

Here are my five top tips to eat for energy

  1. stop the diets. think health (check our SOL mindfulness with food program)
  2. eat at least 2 serves of protein rich foods each day. These include foods like red meat, chicken. fish, legumes, tofu, eggs and nuts
  3. eat carbohydrate regularly throughout the day. Especially aim for low GI carbs that will keep you going for longer and maintain good blood sugar control. If you haven’t heard of the GI concept you might want to read more here.
  4. include some healthy fats in your day. Think avocado, nuts, olive oil, macadamia oil
  5. remember the good old 2 and 5 (2 serves fruit and 5 serves veg/day)

it truly is that easy :)

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