Herb of the Month: Marjoram (nutritional benefits of marjoram)

nutritional benefits of marjoramOur SOL Herb of the Month is: Marjoram! In case you didn’t know, Marjoram is from the same herb family as Oregano. It has some really awesome nutritional benefits.

It is thought it originates from Southern Turkey and Cyprus.  Some cultural groups also site this tasty herb as a symbol of happiness.

The nutritional benefits of Marjoram include:

  • Vitamin A – great for eye health
  • Calcium – super helpful for our bones and teeth
  • Iron – really important for oxygen transport in our body
  • Manganese – involved in chemical processing of cholesterol, carbs and protein. It might also have a role in bone health

How do I cook with Marjoram?

It’s great in sauces, stews, soups and dressings. Try it on pizza, in pasta sauces and on almost any vegies.

So get cooking :)

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