What’s your dietary dogma?

I have had a bit of a bee in my bonnet about dietary dogma for awhile. It started a year or so ago when I embarked on a dieting challenge (just click here to read about it). Now, with social media awash with self help dietary gurus my angst (sorry for the drama :) ) is growing.

So what’s the big deal? OK. Well, I’ll start at the beginning…… (ha ha).

You might have noticed over the past few years there are more and more dieting styles publicised and in vogue. Do an instagram search for #diets or #nutrition if you don’t believe me. Please note, when I use the word diet, I don’t necessarily mean diets for weight loss (although some promote that). I mean diets for wellness. Here are a few: Paleo, No Sugar, Low Carb, Eat for Your Blood Type, Acid-Alkaline, Clean Eating, Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw Food, Organic and…….

Now, if you’ve come across someone following a particular dieting style like these, have you noticed the person swears this is the way we should all be eating; and if you aren’t following this diet, there is something wrong with you and you really aren’t as healthy/happy/beautiful as them?

Sound familiar?

Often (and this even happens to me), you go away feeling a bit rubbish about yourself and that you “should do better”; and that you should really should overhaul your pantry and get rid of that “nasty pasta”, stop cooking your veggies or drinking milk :).

If you have experienced this lately, please don’t be discouraged. ALL these diets CAN NOT ALL be right. In fact, I’d say they are probably all WRONG.

mindfulness quoteSo my advice to you is:

  • Listen to your own body and food philosophies. E.g. if you like meat and the way it makes your body feel – eat it! If you don’t want to, then don’t
  • Eat mindfully – slowly and with enjoyment – not guilt.
  • If you feel like you’d like to help the planet; choose foods from local, sustainable sources  - if you can’t or don’t want to do that – don’t stress
  • If you would like to eat whole foods that haven’t been processed, do that – if you don’t want to – don’t stress
  • Lastly, please don’t assume that the foods you eat are right for everyone else – no preaching, just FOOD LOVE :)
Thanks x
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