Six food tips for healthy skin

food tips for healthy skinWho doesn’t want glowing, radiant skin?

We often focus on how food affects our organs but we forget one of those organs is skin! I was recently interviewed for the latest edition of Australian Natural Health magazine. The topic was Foods for Glowing Skin and I thought this might be a timely moment to share some knowledge on how you can keep your skin super healthy.

Here’s my six food tips for healthy skin:

  1. Drink plenty of water – this will keep your skin hydrated and avoid looking tired and washed out
  2. Eat enough ‘good fats’- Unsaturated fats like nuts, seeds, avocado and oils such as olive oil and macadamia oil provide us with Vitamin E (an antioxidant which protects against free radicals).They can also combat dry skin as they are like a bit of a moisturiser!
  3. Increase your intake of fresh fruit and veggies – Fruit and vegetables are a great source of anti-oxidants and it’s the anti-oxidants that fight the damage from free radicals from our harsh Australian sun, smoking and pollution
  4. Eat low GI Carbohydrate foods – low GI carbs are slowly absorbed and don’t spike our blood sugar levels or raise our insulin levels as much. Some studies show high insulin levels have an association with speeding up the production of sebum. Too much sebum can result in oily skin and pimples. Examples of low GI carbs are good old porridge, wholegrain cereals and bread, legumes and pasta
  5. Drink alcohol only in moderation – Too much alcohol can reduce folate and vitamin B1 levels – both of which have a role in keeping healthy skin
  6. Avoid crash diets – Losing weight too fast can causes wrinkles, saggy skin and can limit those wonderful essential fats and vitamins and minerals we need
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