A mindful eating retreat for people who seek to BE healthy & happy for life without dieting
relaxing afternoons by the pool
no distractions!
increase productivity with a healthy and happy working environment
through nutrition, fitness and wellbeing
A mindful eating retreat for people who seek to BE healthy & happy for life without dieting
Relaxing afternoons by the pool
no distractions!


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Workplace wellness program

SOL shop items workplace wellness bookHave you considered running a workplace or corporate health program at your office?

The benefits of our SOL workplace wellness programs include:

✓ Helps your business - Improved nutritional intake improves mental & physical health and work productivity. It also decreases sick leave. Happy & healthy employees = better business

✓ Professional - Delivered by Accredited Practising Dietitians/Nutritionists & Accredited Fitness Trainers

What do we offer?

We offer flexibility. Choose from a set workshop or ask for an individualised quote. Some popular programs are:

 ♥ 1 hour power sessions - covering what's new in nutrition. Designed for busy staff who need 1 or 2 take home messages they can implement today

♥ 1/2 day workshops  - on the latest in nutrition for good health including wholefoods, GI, sugar, gut health, the latest diets like paleo and of course our favourite topics, health-at-every-size ® and the non-diet approach!

♥ Full day nutrition programs  - including workshops + individual dietary consultations for up to 10 employees

♥ Total health programs  - delivered weekly over one month, these 4 x 2 hour workshops cover nutrition, exercise & stress management


Contact a SOL Dietitian in your area to discuss your specific requirements.



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