A mindful eating retreat for people who seek to BE healthy & happy for life without dieting
relaxing afternoons by the pool
no distractions!
increase productivity with a healthy and happy working environment
through nutrition, fitness and wellbeing
A mindful eating retreat for people who seek to BE healthy & happy for life without dieting
Relaxing afternoons by the pool
no distractions!


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Retreats in Byron Bay, Australia - learn more here

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From workplace wellness, to diabetes groups to mindfulness health retreats - we run many different kinds of group programs regularly.  - All our programs are delivered with impact and love...

About our programs

SOL Luxury health retreats

All of us could do with a bit of R&R in our lives - to rest, relax and get more focused on our surroundings and our health. Our luxury SOL health retreats have a 'down to earth' mindfulness focus & help you have 'THE' holiday you have always needed. So if it's been awhile since you had a holiday that was all about relaxation and recharging then keep reading below for more info.

Workplace Wellness Programs

Workplace Wellness programs help your business Improve nutritional intake which improves mental & physical health and work productivity. It also decreases sick leave. Happy & healthy employees = better business

Type 2 Diabetes groups

We are pleased to announce that in conjunction with local Exercise Physiology services, we are running group programs for people with Type 2 Diabetes across many regions.

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Health Retreats Byron Bay

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Luxury mindfulness health retreats in beautiful Byron Bay.

Type 2 Diabetes group

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Designed to decrease symptoms related to Type 2 Diabetes and increase the ability to complete everyday tasks

Workplace wellness program

SOL shop items workplace wellness

Improve productivity at work with a focus on nutrition, fitness and wellbeing