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When was the last time you had a REAL HOLIDAY?
Our retreat goal is to send you back home feeling relaxed, unwound and ready to incorporate mindfulness, mindful eating and self-love into your life. Click here
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personal dietary plans

Ha Ha. You clicked on personal dietary plans and maybe are hoping for a quick fix diet???

Unfortunately, thats not we offer. The good news is though, we primarily work with a philosophy of mindfulness and what is known as a non-diet approach to health. 

This means we essentially strive to focus on supporting our clients to make healthful changes without the need for restrictive dieting plans or patterns. 

Whether you are seeking face to face guidance for a personalised advice, a home visit, an online consultation or quick downloadable information directly related to your experience, we have "the plan" designed for you :-) see below for available options.

face to face appointments

SOL shop items face appointments

We offer face to  face dietitian appointments in a number of locations on the north coast.

skype consultations

SOL shop item skype consult

A personalised nutrition & dietary advice service without leaving your home

wellness pack - bump 2 baby

SOL shop items bumpbaby

Designed to give you all the info on how to eat healthy during pregnancy and after baby comes.

wellness pack - energise

SOL shop items energize

Our energise wellness pack is for anyone who has trouble with gaining muscle or eating enough energy.

wellness pack - healthy gut

SOL shop items gut

If you have struggled with an irritable bowel and are wondering where to start with making changes to your diet, then this is for you.

wellness pack - healthy mind

SOL shop items mind

Have you experienced times of stress, depression, anxiety or extreme forgetfulness? Maybe it's time to make sure your diet is at it's best

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