Three programs that will change the way you eat for life
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When was the last time you had a REAL HOLIDAY?
Our retreat goal is to send you back home feeling relaxed, unwound and ready to incorporate mindfulness, mindful eating and self-love into your life. Click here
SOL 12 week mindful eating e-course
If you are looking to improve your health and your relationship with food, then come join us. Click here
Three programs that will change the way you eat for life
click to join us today
When was the last time you had a REAL HOLIDAY?
Our retreat goal is to send you back home feeling relaxed, unwound and ready to incorporate mindfulness, mindful eating and self-love into your life. Click here
If you are looking to improve your health and your relationship with food, then come join us on the SOL 12 week mindful eating e-course. Click here

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Mindful Eating E-Course

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a mindful eating e-course to

START living & eating mindfully.

(because, truthfully, the other way - dieting - is boring, unhealthy & depriving)

You want to CHANGE your lifestyle FOR GOOD.mindful quote2

✓ You've been on diets for years and are pretty much over it.

✓ You constantly feel disappointed with the number on the scales.

✓ You know what "you should eat" but find "you just can't stick to it" 

✓ You eat when you are Stressed. Sad. Angry. Tired.

✓ You feel guilty [a lot] when you eat. 


Sound like you? ......

If you'd love to have a happier relationship with food, then. STOP. Everything.

Come join us on the SOL food course.

Our e-course is re-launching soon!

"It's the longest running mindful eating course of it's kind in Australia. Based on evidence and delivered with love"



buterfly foundation


10% of every course registration goes to the Butterfly Foundation
supporting Australians with Eating Disorders and body image issues.


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Um. So What is mindful eating? 

It stems from the ancient technique of mindfulness. Being mindful means you are living moment to moment, paying close attention to your thoughts and everything around you - without judgement. Mindfulness never makes you feel like there is something wrong with you (and yep, so a bit different to our dieting culture hey!)

Mindfulness has a powerhouse of health benefits. It can help you be less reactive to stuff in your life (including food). It helps with becoming more connected to your body (even loving it) and can help with those crazy little life happenings like depression, anxiety and bah-bow -  STRESS. 

So it makes sense that mindful eating is being in the moment when you eat. It involves listening to your body and learning to TRUST YOUR BODY's cues for when, how much and what to eat.


There is ….No guilt. No ‘right’ foods. No ‘wrong’ foods.

There is….Freedom, Happiness and Ease. (That would be awesome, right?)


where to from hereHow it all works. 

SOL food’s core focus is transforming your [physical and mental] HEALTH. NOT your BODY WEIGHT.

Over the years, goody two-shoes Dietitians like us and well-meaning health professionals have been barking up the wrong tree.  Yes, we've helped hundreds and hundreds of men and women to lose weight. But after a year or so, the wheels have often come off. 

We've watched (with heartache) clients struggle with diets. Not because they don't have the nutrition knowledge on "what is healthy" or how they "should eat".  Because for most of us, in fact 95% of us, fanatically following a diet plan (from someone else) JUST. DOESN'T. WORK. It's harmful and in most cases unhealthy.


“Diets for weight loss don't make us healthier or happier. Diets don't 'fix' crappy relationships with food.

Mindfulness does”

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What you will get out of the course // 

learn more about mindfulness and how to start using it today

uncover your [real] relationship with food

start, making calm, happy and healthful food choices

feel happier within your own skin

give to an important charity

 What you won't get from the course // 

✗ calorie counting or specific meal plans

regular weigh-ins

✗ exercise you hate

✗ helplessness or guilt

✗ body hate

✗ world peace (ha)


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Meet your course facilitator // Christina Turner



Christina has been an Accredited Practising Dietitian & Nutritionist for almost 17 years working both in Australia and the United Kingdom.   She is a University Educator and the Founder of the SOL nutrition collective; a nutrition clinic originating in Byron Bay. 

Five years ago, Christina launched Australia’s first online mindful eating program. Specialising in Eating Disorders, her goal is to help women live their life with ease, by creating happier relationships with food and their life. 

"I've found mindfulness & mindful eating produce THE MOST POSITIVE health outcomes in clients compared to any other nutrition strategies I've used in the past. As a clinician I feel the happiest when I support you to look at what's going on "on the inside" and around you instead of using hard to sustain diets and food restrictions.

I facilitate the learning videos for the mindful eating e-course and also teach the mindful eating workshops at our SOL Health retreats in Byron Bay.

While you undertake our e-course, I am available for unlimited email support throughout the entire 12 weeks!

I look forward to chatting with you ♥ "


What's Included in the e-course?

slideshowmindfuleatingcourse12 weekly videos

Downloadable PDF Homework and audio recordings 

♥ Progress tracking worksheets so you can  make actionable changes

Unlimited email support 

♥ Lifetime access to the SOL mindful eating e-community                                                                 

You want more?

We want you to have ALL the tools to change. So we're also including:

 screenshot recipe packA downloadable mindfulness journal - for daily mindful musings

♥ A SOL mindful shopping & recipe pack - Helpful for those folks who can't cook, haven't cooked in forever or just need some ideas to discover their eating mojo 

Our TOP 40 ESSENTIAL mindfulness tools - books, apps and websites for continued practice

♥ 10 BONUS mindful eating meditations - essential for mindfulness practice after the course

Our Contacts List -  For close-to-home support with a health professional after the program ends

♥ FREE (yes FREE), 12 months access to the SOL mindful mentoring program


Total Value?

To get the same level of time and learning from this course, you would need at least 12 x 1 hour consultations with a Dietitian or Psychologist/Counsellor. That’s about $1500-2000 value (AUD).

Total Investment?

The SOL food e-course is $329

(for mathematical folks, that’s the cost of a cup of coffee/day).

10% of every course registration is donated to the Butterfly Foundation



buterfly foundation


Confirm your spot on the next e-course

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Let's take a closer look at the program / /

Module 1 | Mindful Foundations (weeks 1 & 2)

Mindful eating works best alongside a formal mindfulness practice like meditation. In Module 1, you’ll learn the basics of meditation and mindful eating, why and how they work.


♥  start your own daily mindfulness practice

♥  discover your personal eating style & any self-sabotaging habits

 begin practicing introductory-level mindful eating


Module 2 | Getting Clarity (weeks 3-6)

Module 2 is where theory moves to ‘practice with purpose’. We’ll get you crystal clear on the critical [essential] mindful eating skills.

You'll learn about:

 the dieting cycle and how to combat it

♥ challenging and constructive food beliefs

♥ your hunger and how to effortlessly manage it so you feel satisfied, happy and not FIXATED on food


Module 3 | Self Love (weeks 7-9)

There is where we nurture your mindful self-compassion.

We delve deeper into:

  the must-know facts and science behind dieting

  emotional eating and how you can mindfully take charge of it

  body image; moving from dissatisfaction - to kindness - to love

  the surprising self-care method that will transform your eating


Module 4 | Nourish. Get Set.  (weeks 10-12)

In the final weeks of the program we’ll help you formulate your unique mindful eating blueprint (for life).

Find out how:

 you can use your nutrition wisdom & meal planning skills to your advantage

 you can convert food rules to healthy behaviours

♥ to tackle those "I've gone off track" shitty life moments

♥ to practice mindful eating and food gratitude for life

I'm in.

course start date


Inquisitive but not ready to make the plunge?

No worries at all. We know it can be a little scary to move away from dieting. So while you're mulling it over, why not try our FREE 5-day Mindful Eating Challenge. It's a great way to get started in mindful eating and you’ll be kept up-to-date on our courses and retreats.

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Have more questions? - here are some faq:

How does the course work?sidebar faq

SOL food is designed as a 12-week online course. It’s available 24/7 and once you register you’ll have instant access. The course is designed for you to focus on one key topic per week. Each topic has a specially prepared learning video presentation with downloadable worksheets and weekly homework activities.

✓ The learning videos are conducted by  Christina Turner.  Christina has almost 17 years experience as an Accredited Practising Dietitian and specialises in mindful eating.

You’ll also receive weekly reminder emails to check in, keep you on track, loved and supported. You will not be alone!


How long will the course materials will be available?

After payment, you will have instant access to the course materials. These will be available to you for 3 months after your completion date. This gives you plenty of time to move slowly but not so slowly, you procrastinate! 


How much time will this course take up in my life?

We estimate you'll need a maximum of 1 hour/week to go through each video and written course materials. There’s also additional homework. This will take between 10 to 20 minutes/day.

Who should do the SOL mindful eating e-course?

✓  Anyone who wants to cope with day-to-day stress better

✓  Anyone struggling with overeating or binge eating

✓  Anyone who wants to improve their relationship with food

✓  Anyone who wants to be FREE from dieting (for good) and eat for HEALTH and NOT for WEIGHT LOSS

✓  Anyone who wants to feel better about their body 


Who should not do the SOL mindful eating e-course?

  1. Health Professionals. Sorry ladies & gents. This course is aimed at our lovely community members struggling with food issues. If you would like training in this area, we recommend Mindful Eating Practitioner training with Fiona Sutherland (Australia) and the Center for Mindful Eating (United States).
  2. Those folks in early recovery from Anorexia Nervosa.  Mindful eating is great for people recovering from binge eating or bulimia. The course is not a replacement for clinical treatment but can work well alongside any therapy you are undertaking. It's not suitable for people in the early stages of recovery from Anorexia Nervosa. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are in any doubt about your personal situation and if this course is right for you.


Which SOL mindful eating program should I choose?






SOL food



  Weekly Learning Videos
  Weekly Emails
  Worksheets and Homework
  Mindful Eating Journal
  Shopping List Template
  Meal Planning Tool
  Bonus Recipe Pack
  Meditation Lessons
  Meditations to keep
  Face-to-Face Workshops
  Mindfulness Colouring Book
  Mindful Movement inspo cards
  Daily Yoga
  Mindful Movement Sessions
  Daily Nurturing (massage, spa)
  Unlimited 3 months email support
  Lifetime access to the SOL food 
e- community

Total Investment


starts at $1,899

Both the online course and the retreat offer great value. You’ll learn & experience a lot in both!

Check out the table to see what's included in each.


I've got a holiday/exam/deadline during the course. Will I find the course hard to keep up with?

No. The content each week runs at a slow and steady pace. This will be enough time to keep you focused and working through the material but also allow for "life stuff" that just comes up.

The videos, worksheets and homework are kept online for you to access 3 months after the course finishes. So, it’s pretty awesome really!


Do you offer a refund if the course is not right for me?

Yes.  We will refund the course fee minus 10% (our pre-pledged Butterfly Foundation donation). Honestly, we believe you won't be disappointed in the course. It's full of super useful and insightful info that actually helps.  If for any reason you aren't happy, you can gain your refund within 14 days of the course commencing. Our only condition is you will need to submit completed worksheets and homework to show you have attempted the program and "given it a good go".


How is this course any different from other e-courses on the internet?

Here's some thoughts from course facilitator, Christina:

  1. It's designed and delivered by a University Qualified Accredited Practising Dietitian / Nutritionist. I specialise in working with people with eating issues. This e-course was the FIRST mindful eating e-course in Australia and I’ve lot of time has been spent fine tuning it.
  2. I’m qualified! – In addition to Eating Disorders and mindful eating training, I’m skilled in mindfulness based therapies including Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.
  3. I actually see people FACE to FACE (in the real world) for support with their health & life.
  4. I don't just teach mindfulness. I practice it. I’m not "perfect" or an expert in it (no one can be). However, I strive to incorporate mindfulness into my daily life so I can BE PRESENT and SUPPORT you to the best of my ability. 

What are you waiting for? 

Let's get you started 

course start date



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