Three programs that will change the way you eat for life
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When was the last time you had a REAL HOLIDAY?
Our retreat goal is to send you back home feeling relaxed, unwound and ready to incorporate mindfulness, mindful eating and self-love into your life. Click here
SOL 12 week mindful eating e-course
If you are looking to improve your health and your relationship with food, then come join us. Click here
Three programs that will change the way you eat for life
click to join us today
When was the last time you had a REAL HOLIDAY?
Our retreat goal is to send you back home feeling relaxed, unwound and ready to incorporate mindfulness, mindful eating and self-love into your life. Click here
If you are looking to improve your health and your relationship with food, then come join us on the SOL 12 week mindful eating e-course. Click here

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Our next retreat will be in May 2018~ Byron Bay, Australia - sign up here

Health Retreats Byron Bay

A mindful eating retreat for people who seek to BE healthy & happy for life without dieting.

designed to put the 'SOL' back into your life!

solfood retreat bannerWhen was the last time you had a REAL HOLIDAY? 

By real holiday we mean a proper break all about you (& not family, friends or work).

No techno or TV distractions; no work & no stress.

Been awhile?

In order to BE & FEEL HEALTHY, self care & self-love needs to be UP on our PRIORITY list. 

Imagine this....An extended weekend.....

Full of luxury surroundings

♥ Waking up in nature and really BREATHING

♥ Relaxing afternoons by the pool

 Connecting with like-minded people who experience EXACTLY what YOU FEEL every day

Sound like heaven to you?

If you've had an unhappy relationship with food and crave for ME time to focus on your inner health, we'd love you to join us at our SOL luxury health retreats here in beautiful Byron Bay.

Our core focus is helping you to learn skills in mindfulness and mindful eating all whilst being pampered and getting a chance to have a holiday that's JUST FOR YOU.


Next retreat is May 2018 ~  Byron Bay, Australia

Our Goal?

To send you back home feeling relaxed, unwound and ready to incorporate mindfulness, mindful eating and self-love into your life.

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What's Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the energy of being aware and awake to the present moment. It is the continuous practice of touching life deeply in every moment of daily life. To be mindful is to be truly alive, present and at one with those around you and with what you are doing.  
- Thich Nhat Hanh, Plum Village, Mindfulness Practice Centre

We'd also love you to learn the art of mindful eating 

Just like mindfulness, mindful eating is being in the moment when you eat. It involves really listening to your body and learning to TRUST YOUR BODY's cues for when and how much to eat. Importantly, there is no guilt involved with mindful eating and there are no 'right' or 'wrong foods'. Rather it allows you to observe what kinds of foods you might feel like at certain times and in certain situations and recognising why that might be the case. 

retreat pool

Our Health Retreat Focus

Just like the SOL online course, The SOL Health Retreat Philosophy is based on changing your HEALTH and NOT your BODY WEIGHT. 

Over the years, goody two-shoes Dietitians and well-meaning health professionals have been barking up the wrong tree.  Yes, we’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of men and women to lose weight. But after a year or so, the wheels have often come off. 

We’ve watched (with heartache) clients struggle with diets. Not because they don't have the nutrition knowledge on "what is healthy" or how they "should eat".  Because for most of us, in fact 95% of us, fanatically following a diet plan (from someone else) JUST. DOESN'T. WORK.


“Diets for weight loss don't make us healthier or happier. Diets don't 'fix' the reasons  we eat.  Mindfulness can though”



Why mindfulness works

Mindfulness helps us to:

✓ have more awareness of our body (including how food affects us)

✓ be less reactive to unhelpful stuff that goes on in our lives (it's particularly awesome for anxiety)

✓ have improvements in our self esteem and levels of self acceptance

 have positive benefits to our health like better blood glucose levels, blood pressure and cholesterol

✓ have more awareness of our surroundings ( including other people) and aids our attention & concentration levels

With respect to food and exercise, mindful eating removes the ongoing stress or focus that tends to happen on regular diets.  Can you imagine a life without:

♥ feeling guilty about eating something? or worrying about the latest fad diet?

♥ fixating on 'no-no' foods?

♥ weighing yourself daily? & feeling disappointed with the number on the scales?

♥ counting calories? or hating exercise?

It would be awesome right?




What will I learn on the retreat?

lavista 4a

We draw from three CORE principles to get the 'SOL' back into your life.
You"ll  have the invaluable opportunity of:
  1. Learning & Practising Mindfulness through yoga, meditation and mindfulness workshops.
  2. Acquiring Mindful Eating Practice Skills by learning to eat with all senses, eating intuitively according your body's cues and finding out how to tackle those sabotaging food habits
  3. Exploring Mindful Movement by discovering how physical activity affects you (both physically & emotionally) and how you can keep it in your life in a way that feels good to you.


What's involved? / / retreat details

Your SOL health retreat is ALL INCLUSIVE and includes 3 nights and 4 days in luxury, private villa accommodation here in beautiful Byron Bay.

The accommodation has been hand-picked to be peaceful, luxurious and just out of Byron Bay central. It truly is beautiful and you won't be disappointed. We specifically only offer 5-8 spots on our retreat as our aim is to provide a person centred experience.

A typical day will involve:hinterland

a morning yoga session with our SOL Yogi - please note, you don't need to have done yoga before - we cater to all levels of fitness and abilities. 

2 - 3  practical workshops centred on our core philosphies of mindfulness and mindful eating. 

a mindful movement exploration session with our SOL Health Coach & Fitness Trainer

a pampering session of your choice with one of our SOL therapists. This can be massage, kinesiology or a beauty/spa treatment

plenty of downtime each afternoon to reflect, relax and unwind of course!

an outing to one of Byron Bay's illustrious eating establishments


Inclusions / /

3 nights and 4 days in your luxury private villa accommodationretreat venue

use of all retreat facilities including a gorgeous pool to unwind in

♥ return airport transfers from gold coast or byron bay airports

all delicious and nourishing meals during your stay - your pre-retreat dinner on the night of your arrival + breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks each day.  It also includes our farewell dinner at one of Byron's renowned restaurants.

8 x workshops on mindfulness, mindful eating & health 

daily yoga sessions including the chance to learn meditation

daily mindful movement exploration sessions - aimed at finding enjoyable forms of exercise that suit you!

a chance to unwind with a pampering session of your choice (e.g. massge, kinesiology or spa)

take home gift pack loaded with LOADS of GOODIES including guided meditations, pampering/spa gifts, mindfulness health journal and a shopping mindful recipe & shopping list pack and more... These are valued at hundreds of dollars!


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Let's hear what the experts have to say

on getting away from it all.... 

where to from here
86% of people agree that 'people would be much happier and healthier if they knew how to slow down and live in the moment'
 - Mindfulness Report UK,  Mental Health Foundation

"There is more to life than increasing it's speed" - Ghandi

"One of the most common things people do with their money is get stuff, but we have research that stuff isn't good for you. It doesn't make you unhappy, but it doesn't make you happy. But one thing that does make us happy is an experience" - Professor Michael Norton, Associate Professor of Marketing, Harvard Business School

on mindfulness...

lightbulb moment

"It's remarkable how liberating it feels to be able to see that your thoughts are just thoughts and that they are not 'you' or 'reality'...the simple act of recognising your thoughts as thoughts can free you from the distorted reality they often create and allow for more clear - sightedness and a greater sense of manageability in your life" - Professor Jon Kabat - Zinn, Founding Executive Director, Centre for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society, University of Massachusetts Medical School

"Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions" - Dalai Lama XIV


On mindful eating....

cheesecake small

"We all eat - and we all eat mindlessly at times. We might be in a hurry, socialising, or eating everything on our plate just beacuse it's there. Or we might be eating to handle stress, gobbling down a favourite 'comfort' food, but not even really tasting it after the first few bites.

Mindfulness helps connect the mind and the body, to slow down for a moment, connect with ourselves, and move from reacting to responding" - Dr Jean Kristeller, PhD, Co-founder, The Center for Mindful Eating, Psychologist, Counsellor and Mindful Eating Expert.

Meet the team //

Christina Turner Health Byron Bay Mindful Eating RetreatsCHRISTINA TURNER
Accredited Practising Dietitian / Nutritionist

I've been working as a Dietitian & Nutritionist for almost 17 years both here in Australia and the United Kingdom. I specialise in Eating Disorders and basically see many people who have unhappy relationships with food

I have found mindfulness & mindful eating produce THE MOST POSITIVE health outcomes in clients compared to any other nutrition strategies I have used in the past. As a clinician I feel the happiest when I support you to look at what's going on "on the inside" and around us instead of using hard to sustain diets and food restrictions.

My personal and professional beliefs are:

  1. I believe in eating for health, without guilt and I LOVE eating FOOD.
  2. I believe everyone can be HEALTHY no matter what shape or size we are and we ALL DESERVE to FEEL GOOD about ourselves
  3. I believe in the science of nutrition but that it doesn't have to be boring or about being "sick". I believe it should be positive and all about being and staying "well".

I will be teaching the mindful eating workshops during the retreat and will particularly be supporting you to explore your relationship with food, listening to your body cues (including hunger & fullness), super practical let's get organised with life ideas plus a whole bunch of body positive love. 

I also help to coordinate the retreat process and am very much looking forward to meeting you! 


Fern CounsellorFERN CHAMPION
Counsellor / Yoga Instructor

I have a dual background in yoga and psychology so I will be drawing from both of these disciplines to support you during the retreat.  I have worked in the area of mental health, primarily with children and young people, for the past 9 years and am currently work as a school counsellor in both primary and high schools. I also teach regular yoga classes at a well established studio in Northern NSW.

I will be teaching a daily hatha yoga class that involves pranayama (breathing techniques), asana (physical postures) and mindfulness meditation

I am a lover of surfing, hoolah hooping and acrobatics and incorporate the energy of these into my yoga teaching.

I'll also be facilitating several mindfulness workshops during the program where we will explore the place mindfulness has held in ancient philosophies and in more contemporary therapeutic frameworks which are increasingly using mindfulness as a key tool for healing. These workshops will be based around experiential exercises that are designed to provide you with practical mindfulness strategies that can be incorporated into your everyday life


My personal & professional beliefs are:

  1. I believe in the potential for holistic health for all people, meaning physical health, mental health and spiritual health. 
  2. I believe that spending time alone in nature is one of the greatest ways to bring presence and perspective into all aspects of our racing lives.
  3. I believe that everyone has the responsibility to walk their own path of self discovery and that this journey must be taken with self-love, determination and compassion at every step.
  4. I believe that by building a community of conscious, loving humans we can create great positive change in the world.

I am looking forward to supporting you on your journey of self discovery throughout the retreat! 


 FR15306revisedJOSH REED
Accredited Practising Dietitian / Fitness Trainer & Health Coach

I work locally in the Byron Bay region as both a Dietitian / Nutritionist & Fitness Trainer and consult with an extensive mix of clients, ranging from chronic disease to enhancing well-being.

I specialise in gastrointestinal health, working holistically with each individual to manage and improve their own unique digestive issues.  Ultimately I believe that your true health begins in the gut.  Along with mindful movement and a sensitive awareness of being, your life can be just.

You are unique with your own set of values and beliefs, and your well-being is integral to everything. My focus is to enhance your well-being through connecting values with mindful behaviors. The most important health is on the inside… not what you see.  

My personal & professional beliefs are:

  1. I believe that your values and beliefs shape your reality, and that you have the power of choice
  2. I believe that true health begins in the gut and that we are not only what we eat, but what we digest, ferment and absorb
  3.  I believe that good quality food, movement and a sensitive awareness of being will give you more love, for both yourself and others

Throughout the retreat I will be available for mindful movement sessions, as well as for chats on nutrition and health. I’ll also be facilitating the workshops on mindful eating for good gut and mental health and finding enjoyable means of physical activity :)

Accommodation / /

villa photo retreatOur retreat accommodation is nestled in 2 acres of tropical gardens & lawns in a property just a few minutes out of central Byron Bay. Our chosen location will ensure you get a proper chance to relax without the hustle and bustle of Byron town centre but still be close enough to enjoy the amenities of the town and beautiful beaches when needed.

Each private villa with timber floorboards includes a king or queen sized bed with italian marble ensuite (including separate shower & bath), relaxed lounge, timber deck with with sweeping views of Byron Bay lighthouse, the ocean and the nearby rolling hills.

You will also notice on the grounds a 100 year old fig tree and a gorgeous, relaxing pool that all retreat attendees are free to use. 

A variety of food and dining options will be available including both catered meals on-site and restaurant meals at some of Byron Bay's most loveliest establishments. 

be notified

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥ 

Room Options & Bookings //

superior king villa

The superior king option is a beautiful one bedroom villa with king sized bed, separate living room and full kitchenette.


$2, 289 for 1 person  //  $2, 919 twin share   

   inclusions pic retreat


grand king villa
The grand villa is a lovely studio complete with  king sized bed and spacious lounge.


$2, 229 for 1 person  //   $2, 799 twin share


inclusions pic retreat



The 'escape' is a studio villa with king sized bed and the most expansive views of the nearby rolling hills.


$1, 999 for 1 person   //  $2, 599 twin share

inclusions pic retreat 


intimate queen villa


The 'intimate' is a cosy  studio villa with queen sized bed and tropical indoor/outdoor shower & bath.


$1, 899 for 1 person  //  $2, 499 twin share


inclusions pic retreat



This is a super personalised health retreat & places are always strictly limited.
Make sure to take advantage of our early bird offers 



Have more questions?- here are some faq

Will I lose weight by trying mindful eating?

You might (and you might not). Some participants find by honing in on hunger and their relationships with food, they start to eat an amount of food that's less than what they eat normally (and they lose weight). Please note though, our focus is not weight loss but on exploring how, when and why you eat.

What are the dates of the next retreat?

Our next retreat is May 2018 (date TBA).   Stay on our list to be kept up to date on the details. 

What happens after I make my purchase?

After you secure your spot on the retreat, you will receive a link to our online contact details form. Christina, our retreat coordinator will then be in touch - usually within 48 hours - to discuss further details and to find out more about you. Our retreats are personalised and so we want to be sure we meet your needs!

What are the terms of your booking?

Unfortunately due to the logistics involved with organising retreats, payments are non-refundable. If for some reason you are unable to make it at the last minute you can transfer the booking to another person or for one of our future retreats. For each retreat, we announce a date when bookings and payments must be made by. 

If you have any difficulty in making an up-front payment but want to secure your spot, please contact us and we can arrange a payment plan. 

Are there any additional, hidden costs?

Whilst you are on the retreat you shouldn't have any additional costs. All food, accommodation and activities are included. This is with the exception of alcohol. 

I can't decide between the mindful eating e-course and the retreat. Which program should I choose?

Both programs offer great value. The e-course is a very comprehensive and covers all aspects of mindful eating. The retreat allows you to take time out from life to practice applying the knowledge from the course. It also offers additional relaxation, meditation and yoga strategies. Check out the table to see what's included in each program.






SOL food



  Weekly Learning Videos
  Weekly Emails
  Worksheets and Homework
  Mindful Eating Journal
  Shopping List Template
  Meal Planning Tools
  Bonus Recipe Pack
  Meditation Lessons
  Meditations to Keep
  Face-to-Face Workshops
  Mindfulness Colouring Book
  Mindful Movement Inspo Cards
  Daily Yoga
  Mindful Movement Sessions 
  Daily Nurturing (massage, spa)
  Unlimited 3 months email support
  Lifetime access to the SOL food 
e- community

Total Investment

$329 starts at $1,899

Are flights included?

No. We find our retreat attendees find it much easier to organise their own flights. We do arrange all airport transfers from gold coast and ballina/byron airports (the closest airports).

For further details on airlines head to Gold Coast - Coolangatta  and Ballina-Byron Bay airport websites. 

I am on a special diet for medical or ethical reasons. Are special diets catered for?

Hell yes! We want you to enjoy your food on this retreat.  We will be asking you about any special dietary considerations at the time you book.

Who is this retreat suitable for?

Anyone who wants to feel happier about life and how they deal with day to day stress. Anyone who wants to feel better about their body. Anyone who wants a better relationship with food without being on a strict diet. The retreat is not suitable for anyone with an Eating Disorder and not medically stable. Please contact us if you are in any doubt about your suitability to attend.

How is this retreat different to any other health retreat out there?

1) It's delivered by trained health professionals with University qualifications and importantly who see people on an everyday basis for support with their health & life. We also believe in and strive to practice mindfulness ourselves. (always a work in progress). In addition to our degree qualifications we are trained in mindfulness based stress reduction, acceptance and commitment therapy and mindfulness based eating awareness.

2) It's pure luxury - no bunk beds or sharing with people you don't know; it's in gorgeous surroundings with amazing food.

3) It's a one-of-a-kind. There is actually no other health retreat in Australia like us. We were not only the first mindful eating retreat in Australia but every retreat is personalised, meaning we tailor the retreat to the participants who actually sign up.

Will there be time for additional activities like sightseeing or shopping whilst on the retreat?

Although we have included some time each day for relaxation, we strongly suggest you don't use this for sightseeing and shopping. We want you to go home relaxed and unwound! If you haven't been to Byron Bay before, we recommend you add on extra time before or after the retreat to visit local attractions.

We hope to see you soon!

Secure a spot on the next retreat

Enter your details and Christina will be in touch to confirm your interest and to arrange your booking.

You are not liable to pay anything at this point. You are simply letting us know you are interested in attending the next retreat.

image credits: Dee Cameron Photography & La Vista Byron Bay

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