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High Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a waxy, fat like substance that is essential to the human body.  However if you have too high a cholesterol level, you are at greater risk of coronary artery disease (heart attacks and heart pain).

There are different kinds of cholesterol and all are affected in different ways by diet and physical activity. Generally speaking high cholesterol is a total cholesterol reading of >5.5mmol/L.  

Making dietary and lifestyle changes can reduce your cholesterol levels significantly as there are many diet and exercise links with cholesterol. For example the kinds of fat and the fibre we eat can affect our cholesterol levels.

If you have high cholesterol, a Dietitian can discuss your diet in detail including discussing your different cholesterol blood test results and what they mean and adjusting your current diet to help reduce your cholesterol . Search for a SOL Dietitian in your local area to chat about it further.