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SOL health retreats


You want to change. Now is the time.

Hands up if you can relate to:

✓ Trying a zillion diets only to be twice as heavy now as you have ever been? 

✓ Eating when you are stressed, upset or tired - pretty much most days of the week?

✓ Having no idea when you are hungry anymore or when the "right time" to eat is?

✓ Feeling guilty when you eat "un-healthy" foods and that there must be "something wrong with you"?


Well change is possible

We would love to invite you to join a small group of men and women who SEEK to CHANGE their EATING and LIFESTYLE FOR GOOD.

Following the success of our SOL food online courses, we now run mindfulness health retreats here in Byron Bay.

We want you to know there is absoultely NOTHING WRONG with YOU, YOU ARE HEALTHY, WORTHY and the way forward to changing your lifestyle is MINDFULNESS, SELF LOVE AND A BODY POSITIVE FOCUS.

What's involved?

This is a mindful health retreat. Our core focus is helping you to learn skills in mindfulness and mindful eating all whilst being pampered and getting a chance to have a holiday that's JUST FOR YOU.

Keen to know more?

OK. To get more info on mindfulness and mindful eating and of course our RETREAT DETAILS, JUST CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW:

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