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From workplace wellness, to diabetes groups to mindfulness health retreats - we run many different kinds of group programs regularly.  - All our programs are delivered with impact and love - Check the information down below to see what's on.

SOL health retreats


You want to change. Now is the time.

Hands up if you can relate to:

✓ Trying a zillion diets only to be twice as heavy now as you have ever been? 

✓ Eating when you are stressed, upset or tired - pretty much most days of the week?

✓ Having no idea when you are hungry anymore or when the "right time" to eat is?

✓ Feeling guilty when you eat "un-healthy" foods and that there must be "something wrong with you"?


Well change is possible

We would love to invite you to join a small group of men and women who SEEK to CHANGE their EATING and LIFESTYLE FOR GOOD.

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Workplace wellness programs

Have you considered running a workplace or corporate health program at your office?

The benefits of our SOL workplace wellness programs include:

✓ Helps your business - Improved nutritional intake improves mental & physical health and work productivity. It also decreases sick leave.
Happy & healthy employees = better business

✓ Ongoing Support - All participants in our corporate program receive special discounted rates off our online programs and products

✓ Professional - Delivered by Accredited Practising Dietitians/Nutritionists & Accredited Fitness Trainers


What do we offer?

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