9 nutrients in bread all bread lovers should know about

bread“All sorrows are less with bread”

 Every now and then we like to post about the nutrients in every-day foods. We feel it’s important to do this for 2 reasons:

  1. to help nurture your outer wisdom. That is, what’s in food and how it helps our health
  2. highlight that regular old  [untrendy] foods are just as good as the popular fad food of the moment

Today’s food is uh-oh -  the humble loaf of bread. Much loved and much feared by many a soul. Continue reading

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top 10 mindfulness resources

mindfulness quotemindful newsflash

I’m smack-bang in production mode for an exciting mindful eating project (more news to come soon…top secret – ha ha)

In the meantime, I’d love to share some mindful bites from the project with you.

Today’s topic? mindful meditation. Continue reading

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The best rice salad

rice saladWe used to make this rice salad recipe A LOT. We made it at our cooking sessions at the local Aboriginal Health Service.   We can’t quite remember where it originally came from. Maybe a combo from different ones we found on the internet.

It’s a recipe for warmer weather. Easy and cool but still fills you up (i.e. It’ not just a bunch of greens!)

We hope you like it :) Continue reading

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The nutritional benefits of eggs

eggsIt’s a common question many people ask us – Are eggs OK to eat?

Answer – of course!

Before we get to why, there are 2 things to be aware of when it comes to eggs:

Continue reading

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Change your brain. Change your eating – Neuroplasticity

neuroplasticityNeuroplasticity. It’s a bit of neuro-buzz word. Have you heard of it? And what does it mean?

The Neuroplasticity concept has been around for a while. It’s basically a way of describing our brain and our nervous system as being like plastic. We can change them, mold or rewire them into something else.

Continue reading

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Mango, avocado & chicken salad

mango, avocado and chicken salad Summer and summertime recipes are the inspiration for this month’s recipe. There are still a few mangoes around and what better way to pop it into a salad and have something easy for Dinner!

This Mango, Avocado & Chicken Salad Recipe is a combination of a few different mango salad recipes we’ve tried.

Feel free to swap things around. You really can’t go wrong.

If it’s not mango season where you live in the world,  you can use tinned mangoes instead. Too easy!

Ok here it is…. Continue reading

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Top tip to face your fear of food

face fear of foodThis post is for all my clients with an eating disorder and all those lovely ladies (and guys too) who might chance across this post and be struggling on the food front…

For folks with unhappy relationships with food, learning to face a fear of food and the eating experience is a biggie!

Maybe you are…… Continue reading

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6 nutrients in beer you should know about

nutrients in beerThis blog post has been a long time coming!


  1. Because it’s good to highlight nutritional facts about food and drinks that aren’t “super foods”, “trendy” or commonly labelled “healthy”
    AND Continue reading
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What’s the best oil to cook with?

what's the best oil to cook withAaah, so you want to know what’s the best oil to cook with do you?

You are not alone. A lot of people are asking this question and it’s all because of this thing  called smoke point. Continue reading

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Super duper easy ginger and carrot juice recipe

easy ginger and carrot juice recipeSo it’s hot and we are looking for yummy refreshing drinks.

This is just a super dooper easy ginger and carrot juice recipe.

It’s tasty, has some great nutrients and cheaper than buying from the local trendy cafe too! Continue reading

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