Could getting more sleep be the answer to your health?

“Sleep is the

- Dalai Lama XIV


Exercise and adequate nutrition have long been regarded as the major players in keeping us well.

Hopefully, by now you realise it’s not that simple. In fact, the Association for Size, Diversity and Health produced an awesome video awhile back talking not only about the lack of effect our body weight has on our health but also pointing out all the other [important] parts of our lives that contribute to good health. That’s things like getting access to clean water, a roof over our head, happy relationships and so on (check it out here to watch). Continue reading

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What is the non-diet approach?

what is the non-diet approachIf you have been a reader of our blog, you’ll know we have been writing about this thing called the non-diet approach for, well, quite awhile.

If you’re new to us, let’s get you up to speed.

Q: So what is the non-diet approach?

A: It’s a way of approaching your health without a focus on diets for weight loss.

Why don’t we promote weight loss? Continue reading

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World Mental Health Day 2017

world mental health day “Mental health…. is not a destination but a process. It’s about how you drive not where you’re going.”

- Noam Shpancer

10th October is World Mental Health Day. A day designed to put the spotlight on a massive health issue. Continue reading

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