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Athletes and Sports Nutrition

Whether you are an amateur or elite athlete, monitoring your nutritional intake and making changes can help both your performance and wellbeing.

Factors such as your fluid intake and hydration, your energy requirements, your body weight and muscle mass can all benefit from a nutritional review with a Dietitian.

How can a Dietitian help?
A Dietitian can specifically help by assessing your current dietary intake, taking measurements such as your weight, height and skin folds and discussing your training and competition regimens.  Following this they can help you to determine a nutritional plan that suits your lifestyle and sports discipline.

Have further questions?
Search for a SOL Dietitian in your local area to discuss your needs further

Sports Dietitians Australia (SDA)
The SDA provide useful sports nutrition information and can help you find a local Accredited Sports Dietitian.

Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)
The AIS have a variety of fact sheets on nutritional issues for specific sports.