Inquisitive eating (how to enjoy eating pt. 2)

How could anyone not enjoy eating?

how to enjoy eating

It might surprise you to know (and if this is not you feel free to switch off :) ), many people out there don’t actually enjoy the eating experience.

What?!!!! :) :)

Why don’t people enjoy eating?

Well mainly because of a long history of restricting what they eat or following “hard to stick to diets”. For many of us, eating is associated with guilt, feeling torn between “good” and “bad” foods and basically being pretty much over it.

Sound like you?

So how to enjoy eating…

A few weeks back, I talked about one way to enjoy eating and that’s through our physical eating environment  - check out how to change your eating environment to get more enjoyment from eating HERE.

Now another way is around it is through getting inquisitive about food.

If you feel you fit into any of these categories:

  • sick of being on a diet
  • sick of feeling guilty if you eat something that contains carbohydrate,  fat, sugar or anything else for that matter
  • don’t actually know if you are hungry anymore
  • eat certain foods when you are stressed, tired, upset or sad might be interested in the concept of getting inquisitive with food.

get inquisitive with eatingWhat does inquisitive eating mean?

Being inquisitive about food means:

  • trying new foods
  • experimenting with cooking different recipes
  • taking an interest in where the food we eat comes from – who grew it and who prepared it
  • talking about this with others (our friends & family)

Why inquisitive eating make us enjoy eating?

Basically inquisitive eating like all forms of Mindful Eating (read up more on mindful eating here) help us to get more in touch with our food, increase awareness of our surroundings and slow down the process of eating.

Importantly, getting inquisitive gives us a chance (or almost approval or permission) to actually enjoy food without judgement or guilt – which is exactly how it should be!

It makes eating FUN!

 Inquisitive Eating Tip

This week try this:

  1. Cook one new dish at home. This can be breakfast, lunch or dinner or a snack food.
  2. After you have cooked it and tasted it, have a think about the meal. 
  • did you like the taste?
  • does it fit with your food shopping budget?
  • how long does it take to prepare it?
  • is it easy (or hard) to prepare?
  • did anyone else share the meal or snack with you – did they like it, what were their thoughts?
  • would you make it (and or) eat it again?

When you think about it, all of the above are common sense stuff. We often forget to do it. When we are all caught up with our guilt about eating certain foods we forget it’s:

“OK to enjoy our food, cooking & the eating experience”


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The Non-Diet Approach To Health & Life | Special Guest Interview With Dr Linda Bacon

OH. MY. If you are a member of the general public reading this you probably won’t understand my joy.  If you are a health professional interested in a non-diet approach to life, then you just might.

I’m running a series of interviews with a range of folk from all fields – nutritionists, the media, psychologists  and the food industry. All in the name of hearing their thoughts on diets – Why they (diets) don’t work and what might be kinder more happier ways of living.

I am continually blown away by the support interviewees have given. As many busy people know, having the time to do something voluntarily (just for a good cause) is extremely difficult – even if it is something you are passionate about.  Last time around it was  Australian food icon Stephanie Alexander who answered my questions. This time it is Dr Linda Bacon.

Before I get to Dr Bacon’s interview I need to give you more Continue reading

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What’s so good about quinoa anyway?

You have heard it all before. Another “SUPER” food you have to keep up with.

It seems every month or so, a new food arrives on the block. With the promise of curing cancer, acne, making you feel “vital” and everything else in between.

what's so good about quinoa

quinoa salad

Quinoa (KEEN-wah) has been around in western countries for awhile now (it’s traditionally grown in South America).

The fact it’s becoming a bit of staple highlights to me it’s not so much of a fad food. It does have some great nutritional benefits.

So if you are one of those people that has been buying quinoa because it’s gluten free or because it’s healthy or SUPER, I thought you might be interested to learn what’s actually so good about it. Continue reading

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The Non-Diet Approach to Health & Life | Special Guest Interview with Stephanie Alexander

It’s time for my next interview in the Non-Diet Approach to Health & Life series.

If you have missed past interviews, check out my last interview with Sarah McMahon from Body Matters Australasia. Oh – and there also is a ton of background info on the Non-Diet Approach to Health here.

Ok. This week, again we have an inspirational Australian. I am delighted (understatement) to say THE STEPHANIE ALEXANDER has graciously given up some time to give her thoughts on food, cooking, dieting and health. Continue reading

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The Non-Diet Approach to Health & Life | Special Guest Interview with Sarah McMahon

Holy moly. Thanks to everyone who read my first interview a couple of weeks ago ( click here if you missed the interview with Kerry Beake).

Oh and the background info on the non-diet approach and this interview series can be read here.

This week. AGAIN. Another super inspiring health professional. Sarah McMahon :)

Interview with Sarah McMahonIntroducing special guest Sarah McMahon

Sarah MacMahon is a Psychologist, proud Director and Co-Founder of Body Matters Australasia. She specialises in and has been working with people with eating disorders for over ten years. She has successfully treated over 200 individuals who have made a full recovery from their eating disorder.

Now, if you haven’t heard of Body Matters – then you really need to head to their website HERE. They are huge advocates for fighting against the body shaming culture in Australia and the knock-on effect it has in perpetuating eating issues.

So, let’s go.. Continue reading

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The best blueberry smoothie

best blueberry smoothieDid you know Australian farmers grow 6, 000 tonnes* of blueberries each year? That’s a lot of love for this tiny tasty berry! It’s  shame we still buy so many berries from overseas. Perhaps things will change due to the recent Hepatitis A drama?

One of my favourite ways to enjoy berries is in smoothies. This is because you can use frozen berries (tip – buy up when they are in season). Using frozen berries has a double function of having some to use at all times of year and acting as ‘ice’ (to keep make the smoothie nice and cold).  

Anyways, I wanted to share the best blueberry smoothie recipe created by the lovely Baden (also known as Mr SOL). Continue reading

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The Non-Diet Approach to Health & Life | Special Guest Interview With Kerry Beake

Oh how excited I am to share my news today. It’s the first in a long series of expert interviews on one my favourite topics.

A few weeks ago I discussed what is known as the Non-Diet Approach to Health. At that time I announced I wanted to talk with some key health professionals and personalities. They all have a common attribute. In one way or another they all encourage or advocate for a Non-Diet Approach to Health and Life. So I put the call out to people I admire and who I think have a message everyone should hear.

I am very excited because I have had some absolutely fantastic responses and support from some top-notch experts and inspirational folk. I am not going to reveal everyone today. I’ll let every post be a little surprise.  Although I do find it hard to keep a secret so we’ll see how long I can keep my mouth shut ;) ;) Continue reading

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3 reasons to take control of your gut health

3 reasons to take control of your gut healthIt’s happened again. Bloating, pain and running to the toilet…AGAIN. Continue reading

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The nutritional benefits of blueberries

nutritional benefits of blueberriesOur SOL food of the month is Blueberries.

If you live in Australia, perhaps you have been steering clear of berries since the Hepatitis A scare??

Well, I think food safety scares like this are a huge reminder to know where our food comes from and choose local wherever possible.

Blueberries are available locally to us and one way of having them year round is buying a few up when they are in season and freezing them.

Most people know blueberries (like all fruit) are healthy but why? Continue reading

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How to enjoy eating (part 1)


how to enjoy eatingI know! Seems silly doesn’t it. How could anyone not enjoy eating?

Well. For many people who have been on and off diets for years on end, the difference between:

a) eating for enjoyment, b) feeling guilty for eating something they like and c) eating for energy can all get a bit mixed up. The result…a lack of enjoyment in the simple and innate process of eating.

Does this sound like you (or someone you know)? Continue reading

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